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The Company

This story began way back in 1882, when Achille Ferrari, carpenter and expert cooper met Antonio Perini, a young farmer and vine-grower from Val d’Arda. Their enthusiasm in producing wine transformed this occasional cooperation into a real wine-growing vocation, which, exalted by passion, has been handed down from generation to generation with increasing commitment and professionalism. Their respective children, Renato and Guido, were assigned the task of driving the business through the two wars. And their grandchildren, Marisa, Francesco, Delfino, Emilio and Bernardo, were called to consolidate and expand upon it. Their great grandchildren, Paolo, Massimo, Stefano, Lucia, Paola and Sandra, were then put in charge of guiding it professionally and with true passion, into the new millennium, together with the new “recruits”, Alessandro, Giulia and Camilla.


In the late 1800s, the horse-drawn carts were called to take the vats of grapes into town. “They came to Piacenza from the hills and our grandfather would make the wine”, Marisa Perini (maiden name: Ferrari) recalls. The history of Cantine 4 Valli embraces three centuries, starting from 1882, when the first authorisations were obtained for marketing by Achille Ferrari. At first, the wine-making plants were situated at 27 Via Benedettine, Piacenza, and the lorries, modern times and the Great Wars had all yet to come. Production was limited to the bare essentials: the grapes were purchased, the wine was made, it was bottled and then sold in the city. But with a stroke of genius, the production of the whole of the territory of Piacenza (the four valleys and the fruits of their vines) were collected into a single cellar. Business was an immediate success and the company head was soon flanked by the two sons Renato and Delfino Ferrari, who would then lead the company through the years of the great boom. The 1950s also marked the official start of the union with the family headed by Guido Perini, who founded the other branch of the business. Together, they would move on to pioneer a great international business. The two founding members of Cantine 4 Valli, Renato Ferrari and Guido Perini, in fact found each other in the wake of the war, inventing a future in the cellars, amidst grapes, wine and thirteen children between them.

The creation of Cantine4Valli

A marriage then further strengthened the united destinies of the two families, between Marisa Ferrari and Emilio Perini, both children of the family heads. This sealed the start of an era that would open up to great growth. “From Via Benettine, we moved to number 53 Via Maddalena, where we then began developing the business beyond provincial boundaries”, Delfino Ferrari recalls, Marisa’s brother and today the company’s chairman. The Cantine 4 Valli trademark was created in 1952 with the intention of giving a name and a symbol to the social spirit that drove the company: “Grandfather Achille had established local trade and we wanted to follow in his footsteps, harvesting the grapes produced in the four valleys of Piacenza: Val Trebbia, Val Nure, Val Tidone and Val d’Arda”, Delfino Ferrari explains. Since the very start, a professional tradition was established that saw a great family, always united and hard-working, face up to unexpected challenges. There are: Emilio Perini “the accountant”; Marisa Perini (maiden name: Ferrari), his wife, in the office (“I joined straight after finishing school” – Marisa recalls -. It was 1952 and I stayed in the same seat until 2001. I was in the office preparing invoices and paying bills, as well as putting labels on and washing bottles! Those were the years when everyone did everything and no one hesitated in lending a hand wherever they could.”) And then Francesco Ferrari, who started out by unloading a train full of empty bottles, and Bernardo Perini, as young representative, who in 1955 crossed over the border with Parma (“I went to Busseto and it felt like I was travelling to America” – he recalls with amusement today). Delfino Ferrari, on the other hand, started out by repairing wine-by-the-glass distributors in taverns. Soon, however, as the range of commercial action expanded, the premises of Via Maddalena became too small and in the 1970s, Cantine 4 Valli found itself moving to Montale. “At that time, we were also selling the wine in Lombardy and Liguria and were just starting to consider exports. In 1975, we began selling our first wine to the Americans: it was a supply of Gutturnio to Mama Leone, a trending restaurant in New York”, Delfino says. Then in the 1980s, we were given the opportunity to open up to prestigious products. “We bought some excellent lands for vine-growing, in a splendid position in Val Trebbia” – Delfino explains -.

The families, today

Today, the wines of the Ferrari and Perini families are mentioned in the very best national food and wine magazines and guides. The new thread of excellence re-launches the business even further, and towards the late 1990s, the wines of Ferrari and Perini launch into large-scale distribution and the need for larger spaces becomes ever more pressing, therefore, in addition to the large establishment on Via Emilia (five thousand square metres devoted to production), a further three thousand metres are added for logistics and distribution. And, in the meantime, non-European markets are also targeted. Today, in fact, Cantine 4 Valli products can also be found in Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Switzerland, Albania, Kenya, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Korea and the United States of America. Today, the members of the Cantine 4 Valli boast a full team of young men and women, the real cornerstones of the business: Stefano Perini, Managing Director, Massimo Perini, Sales Director, Paolo Perini, Oenologist and Director of Production, Lucia Perini, Administrative Manager, Paola Ferrari, HR Manager and Sandra Ferrari and Elena Perini Managers of the “Il Poggiarello Cosmetici” project. The latest generation of the families has also now joined the business in the last few years: Alessandro Perini, General Director of Cantine Romagnoli, Giulia Perini, Head of Marketing and Communication and Camilla Perini, Assistant Company Manager.