Perini & Perini | Ferrari&Perini families
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Ferrari&Perini families


Delfino Ferrari chairs the Company. Together with Francesco Ferrari, Marisa Ferrari, Bernardo Perini and Emilio Perini, he helped consolidate and strengthen the 4 Valli Group during the economic boom.


Stefano Perini is the Company’s Managing Director. He was born and lives in Piacenza and has handed down his passion for wine to his son, Alessandro. He joined the family business right after graduating in economics and business from Parma University. When the intense work at Cantine 4 Valli allows, in his free time, he loves to go sailing.


Massimo Perini is the Company’s Sales Manager. Originally from Piacenza, like the rest of the family, he is one of the cornerstones of the business, together with his brother Stefano and cousin Paolo. After having completed secondary school (with a scientific focus) in 1984, he has put all his passion into working for the company. In his free time, he loves to travel and is a motor enthusiast.


Paolo Perini is the Company’s oenologist and Technical Manager. Ever the great expert and wine specialist, he studied oenology at Alba University and has been working for the family business since 1988, creating and perfecting new wines, whilst keeping quality standards high. In addition to working in the company, Paolo spends his time with his family and his passion for dogs and cooking.


Lucia Perini is the Company’s Administrative Manager. After completing her secondary school studies as an accountant, she immediately showed great enthusiasm in joining the business. Since 1978, she has been responsible for keeping the accounts in the growing administrative complexity that has gone hand-in-hand with the group’s development.


Paola Ferrari is the Company’s HR Manager. Since graduating in information sciences, she has helped construct the IT structure and implement the corporate network and in 2014, took over managing the staff of the group companies.


Sandra Ferrari is the Manager of Il Poggiarello Cosmetici and Company’s Safety Officer. Her pharmaceutical skills, with her degree in pharmacy and experience in the field, coupled with her passion for the family business, led her to join the group in 2001 as laboratory analyst and in 2008, to deal with managing safety and organising training courses for employees. In 2012, she was responsible for the idea behind the Il Poggiarello Cosmetici project, creating a line of wine-cosmetics based on active ingredients extracted from grapes.


Elena Perini is the Debt Collector Manager. A law graduate from Parma University, she has always worked in the family business, both in the office and on the vines. After completing work experience at a multinational company, she returned to the family’s company in 2013 and, stimulated by attention to health and everything natural that characterises her as a woman and a mother, took to the Il Poggiarello Cosmetici with great enthusiasm, rising to the challenge of starting to market a natural wine-cosmetics range.


Giulia Perini is the Company’s Head of Marketing and Communication. After graduating in economics and marketing, business communication and global markets from Milan Bicocca University, and obtaining a masters in international marketing, in 2013, she joined the company, supporting marketing and new projects, for which she was later made responsible, in 2015. Together with her cousin, Camilla, she is studying to become a sommelier.


Camilla Perini is the Wine Costing Manager and Direction assistant. After completing secondary school at the agrarian institute of Piacenza, in 2010 she joined the 4 Valli Group as Laboratory Analyst. In 2014, she was assigned management of BRC/IFS certification and became the company’s Quality Control Manager. Together with her cousin, Giulia, she is studying to become a sommelier.