Perini & Perini | Founders
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In the late 1800s, the horse-drawn carts were called to take the vats of grapes into town. “They  came to Piacenza from the hills and our grandfather would make the wine”, MarisaPerini (maiden name: Ferrari) recalls.

The history of Cantine 4 Valli embraces three centuries, starting from 1882, when the first authorisations were obtained for marketing by Achille Ferrari. At first, the wine-making plants were situated at 27 Via Benedettine, Piacenza, and the lorries, modern times and the Great Wars had all yet to come. Production was limited to the bare essentials: the grapes were purchased, the wine was made, it was bottled and then sold in the city. But with a stroke of genius, the production of the whole of the territory of Piacenza (the four valleys and the fruits of their vines) were collected into a single cellar.

Business was an immediate success and the company head was soon flanked by the two sons Renato and Delfino Ferrari, who would then lead the company through the years of the great boom. The 1950s also marked the official start of the union with the family headed by Guido Perini, who founded the other branch of the business. Together, they would move on to pioneer a great international business. The two founding members of Cantine 4 Valli, Renato Ferrari and Guido Perini, in fact found each other in the wake of the war, inventing a future in the cellars, amidst grapes, wine and thirteen children between them.