Perini & Perini | The families, today
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The families, today

Today, the wines of the Ferrari and Perini families are mentioned in the very best national food and wine magazines and guides. The new thread of excellence re-launches the business even further, and towards the late 1990s, the wines of Ferrari and Perini launch into large-scale distribution and the need for larger spaces becomes ever more pressing, therefore, in addition to the large establishment on Via Emilia (five thousand square metres devoted to production), a further three thousand metres are added for logistics and distribution. And, in the meantime, non-European markets are also targeted.

Today, in fact, Cantine 4 Valli products can also be found in Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, Taiwan, Switzerland, Albania, Kenya, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Korea and the United States of America. Today, the members of the Cantine 4 Valli boast a full team of young men and women, the real cornerstones of the business: Stefano Perini, Managing Director, Massimo Perini, Sales Director, Paolo Perini, Oenologist and Director of Production, Lucia Perini, Administrative Manager, Paola Ferrari, HR Manager and Sandra Ferrari and Elena Perini Managers of the “Il Poggiarello Cosmetici” project. The latest generation of the families has also now joined the business in the last few years: Alessandro Perini, General Director of Cantine Romagnoli, Giulia Perini, Head of Marketing and Communication and Camilla Perini, Assistant Company Manager.